On January 2, Details sat down in Santa Monica for an exclusive interview with Britney Spears' new husband, Kevin Federline. About 15 minutes into the discussion, Britney, who had finished a workout a bit early, decided to join in. What follows is the better part of a remarkably candid conversation.

Details: People know little about you other than the fact that you're a dancer who's married to Britney Spears. Are you done dancing professionally?
Kevin Federline: I think so. I mean, I'll always dance for fun. That's my passion. That was my reason for coming out to L.A. from Fresno in the first place. I quit my job. I quit everything I knew and came out here.

Details: What were you doing back in Fresno?
KF: Nothing. Shit, I was delivering pizzas and up to no good.

Details: Define "up to no good."
KF: Oh, man. We won't go there. We definitely won't go there. Use your imagination. I just needed to get out of town...to get out of the situations I was in. So when I was a teenager, I started dancing for this nonprofit organization called Dance Empowerment. It helped get kids off the street. I did that for a couple years and started getting good. So I came out to L.A., and two weeks later I went on tour with a group called LFO, which was opening for Britney. I was on the road with her for, like, two months. I'll tell you one thing, dude—I never thought that any of this shit would happen.

Details: Did you meet her?
KF: Yeah, we met. A bunch of us went out one time in a big group. That was just when she was starting to get big. She was, like, what, 18? I was, like, 22. So I wasn't even thinking about her like that, you know what I'm saying? Shit, a few years down the road, and a couple tours later, I wound up meeting her ass again, and here we are.

Details: You didn't find her a little hot?
KF: No, I wasn't even really in that mind frame. I just got out of a long relationship, and I felt free for the first time. I was making money—legally. I was doing my part, you know, supporting my ass.

Details: Where did you live when you first moved out here?
KF: With six people in a fucking one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. And then I went on tour with Pink for about a year, and by the time that tour was coming to an end I wound up getting a place with a buddy. We lived together for a couple years, until I met Shar. I did that whole thing for a couple years. So, that's been it. Pretty crazy.

Details: Were you ready to be a father?
KF: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I always wanted to be a young dad. I didn't know if I was going to be with the mother forever, but I knew whenever I did have children, I was going to love them more than anything. I just had my daughter [Kori] for a week, and taking her home sucked, man. I mean, I'm doing what I have to do, but it's tough.