Owens daughters, ages 8 and 10, are equally unimpressed.

The girls have very high status in my house. Im the git in the family. Every time I go away, Hannah gives me what I call her Roger Moore face, Owen says, folding his arms and pulling a face that looks exactly like one a disapproving 10-year-old would make.

At the end of the summer, Owen will be going away again. Hes shooting the Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run)—directed thriller The International, in which he plays an Interpol agent bent on busting a financial institution for arms dealing. The multi-city travel schedule will be grueling, and Hannah might be grouchy, but Owen isnt picking parts for convenience.

To be honest with you, Owen says (more like wif ya—in addition to giving the F-word a workout, Owen lets his enunciation go Coventry slack when he loosens up), I was always in it for the long haul. I wanted a career. I wanted to be able to keep doing it. And at the moment, Im having the time of my fuckin life.