West nods toward the scrap of paper with Marc Jacobs' number. "That was put there for you to see," he says. "Marc Jacobs is my fashion idol because of the way he merges all worlds, the way he's big in the hood and the head of the No. 1 fashion house in the world. For me, Jay-Z's my big brother, but what he was to me in rap is what Marc Jacobs is to me in fashion—the feeling I get when I look at him is exactly what I got when I'd look at Jay-Z in the studio."

This isn't the first reset, of course, that West has engineered. "My story is so written, like God has a plan for me—an exact parallel, like I've seen this before, I'm back in Groundhog Day again," he says. "Like the Glow in the Dark tour—that was like going back and finally finishing up that video game. Except now it was me in the video game."

I start to remind him what the main character and the point of his game were, but Kanye West is way ahead of me.

"Oh, that happened," he says, flashing a smile, "but after the shows."