The subject of the next Mad Men hiatus comes up, and Hamm seems earnestly nonchalant. "I don't know what the alternative is," he says. "I don't have this huge, overarching plan. I don't know what I'm gonna wake up and feel like doing tomorrow, let alone five years down the line.

"I think that's enabled me to get to where I am. I certainly go after what I want. But I just have detached amusement about a lot of it. Because it's silly. This job is ridiculous. There's a line from 30 Rock that Tracy Morgan says that makes me laugh out loud: 'I remember that movie—I got paid one million teacher salaries.' It is what it is."

Sitting on a folding chair by the makeup trailer between scenes, Hamm tends to talk about the collaborative nature, the teamwork, of showing up and being a part of something. "This isn't a very solitary experience," he says. "You can't just go into a room and act by yourself. You need an audience to play off of, you need someone to write the material."

On cue, Elisabeth Moss, in full Peggy regalia, joins us on the folding chairs. I ask her if there's a Don Draper School of Acting.

"He doesn't say too much," Elisabeth/Peggy says sheepishly.

"Not since you stopped fucking it up and got it right," Jon/Don says, and they both crack up.

Still laughing, Hamm gets up. As he ambles toward the set, the actors' reserved parking spots come into view. The SLS, its wings tucked primly away, is shining like some golden trophy in the sun.

Hamm e-mails a couple of weeks later to say that the car's gone back to Mercedes ("the CHP has stood down"), but no matter. Whatever replaces it will suit Jon Hamm just fine. He's enjoying the ride.

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