Somehow, amid this frantic schedule, he's found time to cut an album—he describes it as "Bublé-esque." Rumor has it he sings duets with Sting and Elton John. It remains to be seen if this project, due out in February, will separate him from the rest of the Glee pack, but it may offer a glimpse at Morrison's true nature. "It's kind of a risk to come out with an album right now," he tells me. "I can't release something that is shit. Most of the songs I wrote are personal."

As we drive away from Morrison's former high school, he plugs his iPod into the stereo and asks me to listen to a track. He wrote it himself, he says, when he was in London, and it sort of deals with his feelings about fans and their fascination with the character he plays. It goes, in part, like this:

"They smile. They came. But they don't know my name/ We only look the same, and they don't know my name/ Your expectations I'm not going to measure up/ Turn the lights off, turn all the lights off/ All this love surrounds me, but I'm still alone/ I didn't mean to disappoint, but I'm not who you think I am."

He looks at me expectantly, and I tell him I enjoyed it and that this is his chance to tell people who he really is. "That's the whole thing," he says after a long pause. "I really don't want them to know anything." We pass a Glee billboard looming over the freeway with Morrison's giant mug grinning down at the onrushing traffic. "So weird, it's so weird," he mutters to himself. And then he smiles. Kind of like on the billboard.

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