Power has become more godlike over the past few years. We mean it: Power, circa 2006, is invisible, yet it’s everywhere. It’s vast yet it’s right at your fingertips. It moves in mysterious ways—via mouse click, for instance, or during intercourse, or passed through the masses by the people who direct the furious global winds of gossip. It sits on the shoulders of first-name-only emissaries: Brad and Vince, say, or LeBron. It pitches a tent in your head space (Google searches, Timbaland beats, gay rumors) whether you want it to or not. To qualify for the Details Power List, a man must be 42 or under and, yes, must exert massive sway over how the world operates. But that doesn’t mean the powerful dude is sitting behind an old-fashioned desk in a suit. No. For all you know, the Omniscient One might be perched a few millimeters away, quietly tapping at his keyboard.