Q: Is there anything wrong with being young and upwardly mobile?
A: Not if you remember where you came from and hit McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or the Top Ramen at least once a week.

Q: Then why does the term yuppie get such a bad rep?
A: Because it gives us visions of bright V-neck sweaters with collars underneath, and all that was vile in the eighties.

Q: Do you think there is even a difference between today’s yuppie and one from the eighties?
A: Yes. Today’s yuppies are defined by their PDAs instead of their BMWs.

Q: If people work hard for their success, do you think they should be able to consume as they choose?
A: Sure, as long as they aren’t fueling the oil wars with giant SUVs. (All puns intended.)

Q: What do you think of the “deniers,” the guys who make good money and love to buy nice things but refuse to admit they are yuppies?
A: A bitchin’ tattoo can’t hide your inner desire to be Donald Trump.