Good manners are not about dressing—a man can be dressed in the most unfortunate way and be a perfect gentleman—itís just a shame that weíre losing a sense of decorum. People live life at such a quick pace now, but it really doesnít take any extra time to do things in a proper way. Maybe itís easier to put on sloppy pants and a sloppy shirt and a pair of shoes that havenít been cleaned. It takes effort to have your pants pressed, your shirt neat, your shoes shined.

But having a wonderful life takes discipline. Once you give up on discipline, you give up on a lot of things. I always stop to ask how someone is when I talk to them on the telephone. If I get into an elevator and there are four women in it, I wait till every one passes me before I step out. I never swear—not even in private. I never yell. I donít think in 40 years of working that Iíve ever raised my voice to someone. A gentleman treats people well at work and at home.