Sure, the term took a bit of a beating over the past year. But as anyone with a Twitter feed and a YES WE DID T-shirt knows, there's a world of difference between calling yourself a maverick and bringing about the kind of change that actually qualifies you as one. These days, a wave of reinvention is washing over media, politics, science, and entertainment—much of it thanks to the 19 men and women in the fourth annual Details "Mavericks" portfolio. If these rule-breakers have one thing in common, it's doing what's supposed to be impossible. The screenwriter who told the "untellable" story of Harvey Milk. The Internet exec who believed that viewers would watch TV shows and ads online. The stats geek who made it his mission to take the guesswork out of political prognostication. These agents of change march ahead when every bit of conventional wisdom tells them not to. In fact, a pair of bold thinkers saw in super-poking the key to accomplishing the most unlikely of feats—putting That One in the White House—and they aren't done yet. Wondering who the real mavericks are? Start here.

Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu

Lance Black
, Screenwriter

Steve Stoute, Founder, CEO, Translation Consultation and Brand Imaging

Demetri Martin, Comedian

Seth MacFarlane, Creator, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

Mary Parent, Chairperson, Worldwide Motion Picture Group, MGM

Ken Bunt,
SVP Marketing, Hollywood Records

Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Actor / Director / Producer


Chris Hughes, Cofounder, Facebook;
Joe Rospars, Founding Partner, Blue State Digital

Musician / Producer

Nate Silver, Information Guru

Anne Wojcicki, Cofounder, 23ANDME