The clock is running on The Evan and Johnny Show. Both men know they are aging out of the sport, so Vancouver is likely their last really big moment together. At the national championships, held in mid-January in Spokane, Washington, Lysacek, who skates his long program in a costume that makes him look like Black Spidey, finishes second, and Weir, in a costume that makes him look like a Rockette in a corset, finishes third. But both take care of business—they make the U.S. Olympic team. After the competition, Lysacek vows in a Facebook status update that he's going to "lock myself in the rink until Vancouver." Meanwhile, Weir tweets "Vancouver here I come. Thank God . . . I promise to show better skating at the Olympics!"—but his Facebook picture is now a poster for Be Good Johnny Weir, with a shirtless Weir striking a pose in stiletto heels and sequined capris with the slogan "Bad has never been so good for skating's favorite drama queen." In other words, Lysacek is Lysacek, and Weir is Weir. And the real question is whether figure skating is big enough for both of them.

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