Because what lies ahead, for the men who are savvy enough to see it and grab it, is opportunity. With the world in flux, culturally and economically, those who are ballsy enough to shake off the old formulas will stand the best chance of prospering. Guys have dutifully internalized the mantras of caution for over a decade: Sock away savings in your 401(k), buy and renovate a house, the tortoise beats the hare. Et cetera. Yawn. As sensible as that approach once seemed, the turmoil in the real-estate and stock markets has demonstrated that there's no such thing as safe. And if that's the case, hell, you can continue to patiently underwrite your life or you can decide to live it. One of the old stereotypes that always come up when people talk about masculinity is, of course, the image of the caveman. And yeah, it's probably true that the average loincloth-clad Cro-Magnon gent spent a lot of time grunting, fighting, and downing mastodons out on the savannah. But is that who you want to be? Think about it. That was your average caveman. It was the exceptional caveman who helped the tribe advance. He was the guy, after all, who went out and discovered fire.

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