What does it say about being forward-thinking that venerable banking houses and cottage industries alike have gone multi-platform and even your parents have a social-networking strategy? It's increasingly clear that terms like 3.0 are worth exactly 0.0. Today's innovators are too busy actually innovating—challenging orthodoxies, shifting paradigms, redefining industries—to tout dictionary-ready catchphrases. These 16 game-changers in the worlds of entertainment, politics, fashion, and technology would rather leave the slogans for the suckers chasing their own long tails. Which makes sense: Being visionary means setting your sights beyond the horizon, on the things yet unshaped and unnamed.

Justin Bieber, Singer
Scooter Braun, Founder, SB Management

Alex Kipman, Director of Incubation, Microsoft XBOX

Chad Griffin, President, American Foundation for Equal Rights

Jason Blum, President, Blumhouse Productions

Will Arnett & Jason Bateman, Cofounders, Dumbdumb

Nathan Daschle, Executive Director, Democratic Governors Association
Nick Ayers, Executive Director, Republican Governors Association

Yancey Strickler & Perry Chen, Cofounders, Kickstarter

John Auerbach, General Manager, Gilt Man
Chris Wong, Head Buyer, Gilt Man

Julie Greenwald, COO, Atlantic Records

Jeff Gomez, Cofounder, Starlight Runner

Mark Pensavalle, Cofounder, Starlight Runner