Why Gay Men Make the Best Bosses
America's most desirable managers all have one thing in common: homosexuality.

Deliverance: The True Story of a Gay Exorcism
Some Pentecostal Christians believe the deliverance rite can exorcise the demons that cause homosexuality. The truly shocking part is that God-fearing gays keep signing up for the traumatic ritual.

The Ivy League's Big Gay Admission
Why kids are adopting a do ask, do tell policy to get into the ivory tower.

The Amazing Tale of the High School Quarterback Turned Lesbian Filmmaker
Growing up, she was Paul, the smart, popular golden boy QB everyone envied. Now, as Kimberly Reed, she's something more.

Straight Men and Their Lesbian Best Friends
If you're a boy who likes girls who like girls, then you are a lesbro. And if you're not, maybe you should be.

The Gay Baby Boom
Using adoption or surrogacy, more homosexual men than ever before are becoming fathers. It's not a novelty—it's a movement. Look for it at a playground near you.

Flirting with Disaster
Want your girlfriend to try a little sapphic action? Be careful what you wish for.

Who Says All Gay Men Are Stylish
The idea that all homosexuals are fashionable is bull—just look at all the friends of Dorothy who dress like they're still in Kansas.