Grant Achatz
, chef at Next, Alinea, and Aviary

Caren Maio
, CEO of Nestio

Rachel Sterne
, CDO of the City of New York

Brandon Phillips
, second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds

Troy Carter
, business manager for Lady Gaga and cofounder of Backplane

Mike Krieger & Kevin Systrom
, cofounders of Instagram

Anthony De Rosa
, social media editor at Reuters

Jonathan & David Marcus
, cofounders of and Goodsie

Caroline Levy Limpert & Neda Talebian Funk
, cofounders of FITiST

Eric Wahlforss & Alexander Ljung
, cofounders of SoundCloud

Charles Adler, Perry Chen, & Yancey Strickler
, cofounders of Kickstarter

Tamas Locher & Andreas Klinger
, cofounders of Lookk