Home Base: New York City
Year Founded: 2011
Power Stat: The company currently has relationships with 80 fitness studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Frequenting a single gym in 2012 is a lot like listening to songs on an album—old-fashioned. Today's tight-bodied professionals hit the Pilates studio one day and a boot-camp class the next. Realizing this, Neda Talebian Funk and Caroline Levy Limpert launched FITiST, a service that harnesses some of the top workout studios in New York and L.A. and impressive experts like Oz Garcia and David Kirsch to create custom regimens for its hyper-plugged-in users. "We've tried hundreds of classes—and picked the best," Funk explains. And, yes, she has the core muscles to prove it. How does it work? There are lots of options: You can buy a pack of classes (say, 4 or 10) to use at any of the participating fitness studios. You can purchase a pre-packaged plan based on what you're trying to achieve (say, "slim" or "intense"). Or you can go the completely custom route where the routine is shaped by the site's experts. According to the founders, this last option is increasingly popular, and this is what makes the system social: You, as an average guy, can interact with people who write best-selling fitness books and train action stars about your workout through this platform.

Why you should resist the unlimited card: "Some studios have the philosophy that all you need is to do their workout five or six days a week. We believe it's important to mix it up, even if it is an awesome workout." —Funk

How L.A. really isn't like New York: "Each neighborhood is a different city. The West Hollywood market is the same as the New York market, but Santa Monica is its own little city. And I do think on the exercise front, L.A. is more diverse. Pilates Plus—Pilates meets cardio meets strength training, all done on the Megaformer—is very popular in L.A. It just came to New York." —Limpert

Why they've tapped the right category: "The market over the last three years—retail, restaurants, or construction—has all been down. But boutique studios and specialty trends are on the rise. I mean, I watched the CrossFit Games on ESPN this past weekend." —Limpert

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