Rachel Sterne's Cityscaping
New York's Top Tech Official Picks the Techiest City Governments

Sterne, who's only 28, is responsible for bringing New York's city agencies into the 21st century. She's pushing the digital boundaries in all sorts of resident-friendly ways, getting the Department of Transportation on Tumblr and the Housing Authority on Foursquare, among other initiatives. Here, she picks three other locales whose municipal governments are especially plugged-in.

"Boston's Citizens Connect is a mobile application that I think is very well done because it's so user-centric."

Rio de Janeiro
"They've done interesting work with open data, and they've done some interesting work with video, which is a great fit for their demographic."

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"Chicago has recently launched a real-time snowplow map. It's called ChicagoShovels.org."

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