Hyped Pop Stars: Lana Del Rey & The Rolling Stones

Lip Service: Lana Del Ray had one of 2012's biggest albums, Born to Die. The Rolling Stones are expected to tour extensively in 2013.

2012: Lana Del Rey
When a former choirgirl from the Adirondacks named Lizzy Grant exploded on the Internet as a streetwise fifties-pin-up type called Lana Del Rey, the naysayers questioned her authenticity, pointing to a pout that appeared newly engorged. But despite a disastrous SNL performance, the starlet silenced her critics by becoming one of the most successful—and original—artists of the year. She sold nearly 3 million copies of her album Born to Die, put out a brilliant, 10-minute video for "Ride" about living hard and fast with a biker gang, and became the proudly full-lipped face of H&M.

2013: The Rolling Stones
Yes, the Rolling Stones will charge you an arm and a leg (seriously, they could use the replacement parts), but even haters gonna hate themselves for missing out when the greatest rock band of all time sets forth on the 50th-anniversary celebration tour Keith has promised for 2013. (Though some may protest that 2012 was the real 50th, here's his adaptive logic: Charlie Watts didn't join the band till 1963.) Since you're already paying through the nose, go ahead and shell out for a T-shirt with Shepard Fairey's updated version of the band's iconic lips-and-tongue logo.