In each of the past two years, Details has compiled a list of Social Mavericks, a compendium of the biggest movers and shakers in the world of social media. This year, we've rechristened the portfolio Digital Mavericks. Why? Because technological innovation has become inherently social—even if it doesn't involve a website where you have "friends," it's changing the way we live and interact. The pioneers and renegades you'll find here are a varied bunch. They're creating better ways for us to buy products, document our lives, discover art, get involved with government, and more. But they have one thing in common: Their big virtual ideas are revolutionizing the physical world. Meet the Digital Mavericks, class of 2013.


Jack Dorsey (Square)
+ 3 More Reinventors of Retail

Kenna (Myspace)
+ The Protégés of Apple's Jonathan Ive
+ The Evangelists of Tumblr

Carter Cleveland (Artsy)
+ The Race to Create the Instagram of Video
+ The Rise of the Social-Media Image Consultant

Jennifer Pahlka (Code for America)
+ 3 More Digital Change Agents

Evan Sharp & Ben Silberman

+ 5 More Entrepreneurs

Jared Leto (VyRT, The Hive)
+ How Twitter Became the Best Place for Comedy

• The mavericks reveal their career highs, least favorite memes, and the future of social media.
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