The future doesn't just happen. It's made. These 34 visionaries are proof
that the sign of true genius isn't a great idea, it's the ability to make that idea a reality. These maverick thinkers have shrugged off the status quo and battled the headwinds of convention to bring their creations to life—they will entertain you, house you, reshape your body (and restore it when it fails); they will tantalize your senses and quite possibly deliver you a tomorrow of unlimited energy. Get ready to meet your makers.


The Renaissance Man
+ His A-List Collaborators

The Electric-Car Man
+ The Body Builder
+ The Outsider Artist

The Spin Master
+ The Wrap Star
+ The Scent Scientist
+ The Fragrance Archivists

The Shape Shifter
+ The Musical Mad Man
+ The Food & Drink Innovators
+ The Life Preserver

The Running Men
+ The Disruptive Designers
+ The E-Commerce Curator

The Bionic Man
+ The Power Ranger

The Spice Alchemist
+ The Art World's New Naturalists
+ The Light Sculptor

The Pioneer of 3-D Printing
+ A Brief History of the Technology