The Spin Master
John Foley
John Foley, 42, loved his workouts at SoulCycle but hated that scoring a bike felt like getting a reservation at Per Se. "There are probably 500 exercisers in New York who want into a single class, and maybe 5,000 people across the U.S., and 20,000 globally," he says. "To me, that screams distributed technology." So Foley founded Peloton last year to share top-tier fitness experiences with home exercisers. A former president of e-commerce at Barnes & Noble, Foley took his cues from the e-book business: paid content, inexpensive device. The Peloton bike, however, is anything but bare-bones: Designed to evoke the slick lines of an Italian racer, it features a water-resistant, Wi-Fi-enabled touch screen that live-streams classes taught by coveted spin instructors at Peloton's fitness studio in Manhattan as well as on-demand archived sessions. A real-time chat and social-networking platform allows you to interact with other Peloton users and track your performance on a leader board. The bike costs $1,190—about the same as much inferior spin bikes—and the unlimited content will run you $39 a month (close to what a single class at SoulCycle costs). "We want to be the Apple of exercise," says Foley, who also plans to sell spin gear (shoes, heart-rate monitors, apparel). "Apple cares about the aesthetic of everything—the hardware, the interface, the marketing. We're bringing that combination of cool sexiness and technology to the fitness category."

The Wrap Star
Jim Moscou
Finally, a real feel-good rubber: Jim Moscou and his Boulder, Colorado, condom company, Sir Richard's, have applied the Toms business model (and added a bit of style) to the below-the-belt accessory. After making an all-natural latex condom, the 45-year-old entrepreneur recently took sexual healing global by donating one condom to Haiti for every one bought here. A program is in the works for sending rubbers to Africa and other in-need regions. "It's audacious, I know," Moscou says. "But when you think about the cost of HIV and unwanted pregnancy, we have a chance to literally change the world." After this month, he will have shipped 1.5 million condoms—in specially designed packages with illustrated step-by-step instructions—to Haiti.

The Scent Scientist
Yann Vasnier
Growing up in a coastal village in Brittany, France, Yann Vasnier couldn't decide whether he wanted to be a chemist or an architect, so he found a way to be both. As senior perfumer for Givaudan, Vasnier, 36, straddles what he calls the line "between science and art," working with the fragrance house's lab coats to brainstorm scents for $2.5 billion brands like Axe while also replicating the aromas of endangered substances like oud and patenting the peppery smell he created for Marc Jacobs' hit fragrance Bang.

Three to Watch: The Fragrance Archivists
The next great olfactory innovation will be the ability to "record" an aroma for posterity (and for reproduction). These innovators are making the ephemeral scents eternal.

Olivia Clemence
Using a handmade still-like system, the 24-year-old Welsh designer places an object (roses, mince pie) over boiling water; steam absorbs the smell, which condenses in a tube and then drips into a beaker, where alcohol is later added to preserve it.

Sissel Tolaas
For seven years, Tolaas, 48, worked like a fragrance anthropologist, sealing scented objects in airtight cans. With an archive of more than 7,000 sample (including the aroma of money), she has partnered with fragrance and flavor manufacturer IFF to re-create selected scents.

Amy Radcliffe
The 26-year-old Brit is pioneering "fragrance photographs" with a machine called the Madeleine. An object is placed in a glass dome, and a vacuum sucks the aromatic air through a tube; it's then absorbed by a polymer-resin "odor trap."

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