Take in the 2014 Winter Olympics with our pre-event analysis (Russia spent how much??), the coolest sports tech to hit the Sochi ice and snow, the best and worst dressed Olympic athletes of all time, and random trivia—from torch fiascos to triple-gold triumphs.

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics by the Numbers: Money, Drugs, and Other Surprising Stats
More statistical analysis than you could ever want about dope-testing, ticket sales, game mascots, condom distribution, and other hot topics at the 2014 Olympic Winter games.

Olympic Athletes Take High-Tech Gear For A Test Drive At The 2014 Winter Games
What will gold-medal hopefuls be wearing in Sochi to help them jump higher, skate faster, and score better than the rest?

Olympic Style, Then and Now
A photo gallery of the good, the bad, and the ugly in Olympian fashion from 1936 to the present.

5 Extinct Olympic Sports
If the Olympics bring out the best in individuals, they also arguably bring out the worst.

Culture Quiz: 1908 London Olympics Trivia
A case study of the Brownlee brothers sheds light on who becomes a killer competitor.

6 Bizarre Sports You Won't Find at the Olympics
Extreme ironing, shin kicking, and other ludicrous competitions that really do exist.

O-Face or Olympic Face?
Agony and ecstasy, indeed. Can you spot the difference?