Yep, his rigid sense of discipline applies even to groupies. "Used to take advantage of it," he says. "I used to eat it up. I was the kid in college that had pimples all over his face, and all the girls were goiní out with the football players. Then all of a sudden I put a guitar over my shoulder and started singiní a song and people looked at me in a different way. Then I went on the road and went, Oh,my God. The devil had a bunk on my bus. Hell, we invited him. It was fun. Really, a lot of fun. But itís—whatís the word?—it takes my focus away." Let it be known that the heartland is safe; the devil no longer rides with the biggest country star in America. Kenny Chesney has learned how to eliminate mistakes, and the only catch is that heís done so in a genre thatís all about making them.