Q: Did you hear any of Hilary Clinton’s speech about the younger generation and how they’re all lazy and self-entitled?
A: No. It’s funny because they’re very good friends of ours. Bill, I’ve known him forever. When he was president we spent quite a long time in the White House and at Camp David. But Hillary I never got close to. We are getting a little closer to her now just because we involve ourselves in politics. But I did not hear that, no. What was it?

Q: She said a lot of kids don’t know what work is, they think work is a four-letter word, and they think they’re entitled to go to the top when they haven’t done anything to earn it. And of course the next day she had to apologize to Chelsea.
A: Yeah. Interesting.

Q: Do you share any of that when you see kids today? I know not your daughters but maybe their peers…
A: Oh no, when I see my daughters! Believe me. She’s on the money! You know it! I mean, what the hell, I earned all the money and it’s all gone—these little bitches! No, you know, the way you put it sounds somewhat cold, although Hillary often comes off cold anyway, it’s the position she’s in.

Q: I’m told she’s warmer in person.
A: Yes, she is warmer in person. Yeah. I think politically and because of Bill she has to come off the way she does, which is a serious senator of no particular gender. I think she’s in a tough position. God knows what she’s going to do in terms of running or not. And all the talk, now Gore is getting himself in a position to run again. Stupid, because he’d lose. But on the other hand it might be stupid if Hillary ran because she would lose. On the other hand maybe she wouldn’t, but look at this country and how obese we are, and they voted for Bush, but look at his numbers, you can’t figure it out. I don’t even know, I’m a lifelong liberal democrat, it’s amazing to me that the numbers can be as low as they are and still nobody stands up except Ted Kennedy and says what he feels, because Ted knows that Chappaquiddick will never go away and he’s never going to run.

Q: It’s a shame that when you left Saturday Night Live for the movies, you had to give up the political humor you were famous for. Did that bother you?
A: Yeah, it did immediately bother me. Because as soon as I started doing pictures I realized it takes a year. And God, all I had known was writing. I wasn’t an actor except they started making me act on SNL, but at least I used the parody of a newscaster as a vehicle for satire. And it was a political year during which Carter might or might not win and Ford was going to run again. And I’d spend Friday nights with all the newspapers and UPI and AP photos I could get in front of me, and write all night. And I loved that immediacy. And the live TV part of it. There was no way to do that with film, except in a much more distant way. There was no way to do what I did best, which was write comedy. And stunts and physical humor. I mean I’m not being self-effacing I know that I’m a funny guy. Or I think I am. At least, I was. So, you know, I felt comfortable in those shoes. So there you have it. It was a big change, and what I had to do was learn how to act, and I kind of had a sour taste in my mouth about that whole thought at first. But then as time went on I loved it. I just came to get better at it. My memory of Caddyshack is that I stink as an actor. I may have said some funny things and done some funny things in it, but they were sketch-like. They weren’t real acting. What I’ve learned over the last years that I haven’t done movies is that I’ve forgotten all the habits that you build up when you’ve made 35 or whatever movies—certain mugging habits, or certain things that work—and that I’m a better actor. Which will be borne out by the release of four really bad pictures that cost a buck to make over the past few years! I think I made some, oh, hundred grand, when I used to make 20 million. You know, this is unbelievable. But it will be borne out. Funny Money is the name of one of the movies. I just saw it at the Sarasota Film Festival in front of a crowd of 1,500 people and not only were there belly laughs, they laughed continually from the beginning to the end.