He’ll probably never get the chance. After the Houston cancellation, Morrison withdrew his application to box in Texas—an indication that more may be amiss than just late paperwork. Morrison says he no longer plans to box there, so there’s “no point” pursuing a license. In early June, his former agent, Randy Lang, told the Arizona Republic that the HIV tests Morrison supposedly passed, including the one sent to boxing authorities in West Virginia, were rigged—the results of falsified documents or switched blood samples. “You know what? We have [the tests] on tape,” Morrison says. “The more Lang opens his mouth, the more he incriminates himself.” Morrison left sanctioned boxing for a cage match against a 342-pound mixed martial artist at a Yavapai-Apache Nation casino, outside any state’s licensing jurisdiction. The bout, which Morrison won by technical knockout, likely signals a descent into the freak-show side of fighting. Morrison has even begun a war of words with Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Chuck “Iceman” Liddell, fresh off his cameo on Entourage. As he pounds his gloves and enters the training ring, it’s clear Morrison just wants to get on a stage somewhere, anywhere, and punch someone. Declaring dominance may be the key to his survival. His story is practically epic: Rocky 25 Million, the boxer who decided to fight rather than be a deadly virus’s next victim. But it could, and should, be so much bigger: His radiant health is a powerful argument for whatever regimen he has followed. How many doors could his return open for fellow pariahs if he’d just acknowledge his condition?

The moment he steps out of the ring and opens his mouth, however, Morrison’s need to dominate actually makes him rather small. “You look patient in there,” I say.

“I learned patience in prison,” he says. “Learned the value of time there, too, and that I really don’t like black people.”

How do you respond to that? “Maybe you learned your lessons too late?” I ask. Morrison counters without blinking. “Isn’t that the only time you ever learn them?”