Q: Your lifestyle is arguably your greatest achievement. Do you ever wake up thinking, ďOh, Christ, here we go again—more bunniesĒ?
A: Never. Of course I have bad days—there are disappointments, both personal and in business—but thereís no grass thatís greener than over here. Iím the luckiest cat on the planet, and I know it. Iím living out an adolescent boyís fantasy.

Q: The pajamas—was that a shtick that stuck?
A: Yes. The pajamas came really early on—see, I was working a lot at night. But the smoking jacket—a point came when I was working increasingly at the mansion in Chicago, and there wasnít a lot of point to getting dressed—and eventually people were disappointed if I was wearing a suit. Iíve got about 200 pairs, silk pajamas in 20 colors, and velvet or satin smoking jackets, all custom-made.

Q: How important is sex now, in your eighties?
A: I still have sex several times a week. But when you talk about sex, itís the intimacy that matters.

Q: Do you love all the girls on The Girls Next Door equally, or just pretend to?
A: I love Holly the most. Five or six years ago, she was simply one of seven girlfriends, but after the TV show started, I fell deeply in love with her. Sheís the relationship that will last the rest of my life.

Q: It seems that you would have so little in common.
A: Youíd think the age disparity would make a big difference. It doesnít. Sheís in love with old movies, sheís in love with music from the earlier period. And you have to understand that all of the girlfriends since my marriage—and there have been about 25—have been blondes. I think that comes directly out of fantasies fueled by the movies of the early thirties—those pre-Code films with Jean Harlow and Busby Berkeley. Iíve reconnected with the dreams and fantasies of my childhood.

Q: Do Bridget and Kendra get jealous?
A: They donít. But whether itís three girlfriends or seven, itís easier than one wife. Theyíre not going to give you a hard time, because you always have an alternative. My second marriage, from 1989, lasted 10 years, and we had two children. When it ended I met a young actress named Brande Roderick, and about three weeks later a pair of twins, Sandy and Mandy Bentley. It was an overreaction to a difficult marriage.

Q: Was that the first time you had three girlfriends at once?
A: Actually four, if you count Sandyís roommate, Jessica.

Q: Do you ever think, ďI just want to watch a movie tonightĒ?
A: Without question, relaxing in bed and watching a movie is one of my favorite things to do. Iíve settled down in many ways—when we get invitations to this club or this party, I pick and choose. The best times are the quiet times at home.