Q: In your book, you cite nine traits of leadership, like curiosity, character, and common sense—and you repeatedly contrast them with Bush’s traits.
A: When he’s speaking now, he seems red-faced, trying to protect his legacy: “How the hell do I get out of this?” But if they impeached him, the next morning, the new president would be Cheney. Oh, wow.

Q: You earned $5 million for your diabetes charity by doing a Chrysler TV spot with Snoop Dogg. Did he try to get you to smoke a fatty?
A: Well, he had a bunch of big, tough-looking guys guarding his air-conditioned RV. The director would be yelling for him, and he was in his RV, maybe having a little puff of some kind. He was a nice kid, but when he drove the golf cart—jeez, he scared the hell out of me. There was a steep hill, and he said, “Wouldn’t it be something if you and I rolled over in this cart?” I said, “Cool it, Snoop.”