Q: What music are you listening to now?
A: Everything. But I must say, in the last three or four years, itís become mundane in the extreme and formatted to the hilt. And itís a shame. Youíve got record companies that donít know what theyíre doing. They are clueless. Just utterly clueless. And youíve got thievery on a grand scale going on all over the Internet. Itís a sad indictment, but you know what? Itís like the calm before the storm, really. Something good will come out of all of this dullness. It just has to.

Q: Just like the Pistols did, eh?
A: You would expect it. You should expect it. We were right. Historically right. I donít know if it was anything that we as individuals did. But I think nature just insisted we exist!

Q: Well, thanks for your time, John. Itís been an honor talking to you.
A: I donít handle compliments well.

Q: Maybe I should say ďfuck offĒ or something.
A: No, thatís even worse, when people do that. They try to out-punk the punk. Donít be so foolish. It was never like that in the first place. Thereís no excuse for rudeness. I know—Iíve got albums full of it!

Q: Thatís a quip worthy of Oscar Wilde.
A: Ha ha! Very excellent person, him. Iíll tell you one thing I like about Oscar Wilde. On his deathbed he looked at the walls and he went, ďThat wallpaper is horrendous. One of us has to go.Ē Then he died. Thatís fucking genius. Thatís how you go out. Thatís how life should be.

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