Brenner insists that "you're not going to see these guys five years from now on Behind the Music saying 'Where did it all go?' I have permission from them to smack them around if they ever start acting like divas." And it must be pointed out that as they march through their Jingle Ball docket, making the rounds from sound check to meet and greet to press conference to performance, the brothers comport themselves with the kind of gentility and gratitude that we've come to expect from well-trained sound-bite-dispensing Mouseketeers. They take a walk through a frenzied Z100 gift lounge, where they're loaded up with loot while posing for pictures with everything from Bratz dolls to Foxers lingerie, and they pronounce the whole experience awesome.

They've played at the White House and met President Bush—that, too, was awesome. "With our manners, my mom always told us, 'I'm training you for when you sit at the president's table,'" Joe says. "It's really paid off. We try to be nice to everyone." Sure, there are times when some of the girls at the meet and greets can be a little forward, but the brothers have been taught how to handle that. "We've had some interesting situations with some fans, too—ones that will just come up and almost jump on you and be like, 'I love you, I love you!'" Joe says. "I guess the only thing we'd be willing to say is, like, 'Thank you.' It's kind of awkward when they're like, 'Oh, you're so hot!' How do you say anything to that?"

Disney is a machine, and the Mouse House seems to have met its perfect match in the Jonas Brothers. Then again, can a man stay squeaky-clean all the way into his twenties? And at what point does it begin to seem . . . odd? This line of reasoning helps explain why the purity rings are a sensitive topic. Already, Kevin says, bloggers and tabloids have taken to speculating about just how long those chastity vows will hold: "Oh, yeah, that's on a daily basis. People write that it's not true, that we're taking pictures with girls. Of course we take pictures with girls! They're our fans. I had a ring before this one, and I lost it in a wave pool on vacation"—at Atlantis, the deluxe, family-friendly resort in the Bahamas—"and I didn't have a ring on for, like, two, three weeks, and someone took a picture of me and then it was a huge rumor on the Internet." Achieving total awesomeness isn't easy, and when it comes to the preservation of purity, a band of silver makes a precariously slim line of defense.