Q: I understand you didn't drink until you were 21?
A: I didn't. It was a kind of family thing. I mean, I hung around with a pretty fast crowd. They were always trying to get me to take something.

Q: But didn't you attend the University of Southern California in the middle of the sixties?
A: I didn't go to SC until my junior year. I was in Sigma Chi fraternity and we had about 20 varsity football players in the house and it was pretty crazy. I made up for lost time.

Q: Your upbringing was fairly old-fashioned, but your first film role was in Myra Breckinridge, an X-rated movie about a transsexual.
A: That movie was a mess. I don't know how many people were taking drugs. I'm not sure the director wasn't. It was great for me, because I got hired at a day rate and I sat around for three weeks waiting to work.

Q: You're listed in the credits as "Stud."
A: Young stud No. 7 had the neat part. He only had one line. Mae West walks in this hallway—she plays this agent who loves young men—and there's a line of guys, and she points to him and says, "How tall are you?" And he says, "Six foot seven inches." And she says, "Never mind the six feet. Let's talk about the seven inches." That was one of the best jokes in the movie. My stuff was corny. It was a horrible movie. Rex Reed will have to live forever with waking up from surgery and uttering the line, "Where are my tits?"

Q: On YouTube I was just watching an old episode of Magnum P.I. in which you get attacked by a parrot.
A: That was a killer macaw. It was kind of sad—somebody wrote a real good script about a killer falcon, but Hawaii has all these quarantine laws, and at the last minute we found out that the trainer couldn't get the falcons into Hawaii. So they made it a killer macaw. It kind of ruined the episode.

Q: I also found a few scenes from your 1972 horror movie Daughters of Satan.
A: Thank God that's still around. You know, if you count, there's five breasts in that movie. I don't know why they picked an odd number. They usually come in pairs, but I think one woman, in her death struggle, has her blouse ripped open only from one side.

Q: Well, I have to apologize—I didn't get around to watching all of Daughters of Satan.
A: It will change your life. I think it only ran in drive-ins for a week. But I did that in the Philippines a long time ago. I was grateful for the money. You probably didn't get to see my death scene, where my wife stabs me in the back. I don't want to ruin the movie, because it's gripping.