Details: You recently won your first pro tournament—congratulations. But why golf?
Andrew Giuliani: You mean, besides realizing I wasn't going to play first base for the Yankees or quarterback for the Giants? Seriously, golf is mentally challenging: You're always trying to improve against yourself. And I love the competition.

Details: Is that why you're pursuing the lawsuit claiming you were unfairly kicked off the Duke golf team, even after you've graduated?
Andrew Giuliani: I still think I have a great case. The coach that I was at odds with ended up quote-unquote resigning the next semester.

Details: Legal battles can make for strange bedfellows. I hear the Duke lacrosse team—who know a thing or two about scandal—is backing you now.
Andrew Giuliani: They felt that they have similar issues to address with regard to treatment of individual players. Their story, the magnitude of the bad rap they got for doing something so minute, was just wrong.

Details: Fame is a bitch, huh?
Andrew Giuliani: I think my notoriety has had something to do with how the case is being handled. It didn't help. The opinions that I value come from the people who I'm closest to. What I've learned by watching my mother go through some things—watching my father go through some things, too—is that the people who know you are the ones whose opinions you really want to value.

Details: The magistrate in your case didn't seem to take your lawsuit very seriously. He was quoting Caddyshack. What did you make of that?
Andrew Giuliani: What the magistrate did was very unprofessional. His opinion looks like something that would be written in tabloids. You know, it was obviously an opportunity for the magistrate to get his name in the paper. He got his 15 minutes.

Details: Golf is your sport now, but you also played football in high school.
Andrew Giuliani: The summer between my sophomore and junior seasons, the coach came to me and said, Listen, you can start at varsity center, you'll have to put on 50-60 pounds, and your hands are going to get all banged up. Or, you can focus on your golf, and kick for us. I was pretty good at golf, I mean, I was thinking it was going to be my future. Football, I wasn't really going anywhere with it. So, I decided to do what the coach suggested. My senior year, I never got to hit anyone except when I was on kickoff. So, I led the kickoff team in tackles my senior year. I had all this pent-up emotion and energy, like, I've gotta kill somebody!

Details: You've mellowed out a bit. What's your drink of choice these days?
Andrew Giuliani: My drink of choice is a nice cold glass of water, on the golf course, maybe some Gatorade G2. Pretty boring, right? My nickname at Duke was Grandpa. I was the one who was asleep early, up early, and going out to the golf course. With a nickname like Grandpa, well, I wasn't the guy pounding down drinks or anything like that.