You already recognize his sculpted and scruffy face. Now you'll be able to put a name to it. Noah Mills, runway fixture and star of countless fashion campaigns—Dolce & Gabbana, Gap, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few—makes his big-screen debut this week in Sex and the City 2. Details caught up with the 27-year-old male model and budding actor to dish about sex in front of your mom, sex with cougars, and sex in New York City.

Details: It seems like every model wants to be an actor. How did you make the transition?
Noah Mills: I've always had an interest in acting. With modeling, there's a lot of downtime, so I started taking classes. In the last two years, though, I've gotten more serious about it. I started studying in different schools, got representation, and just said, "I'm going to give it a real shot." With Sex, I was one of more than 200 guys at the first audition. With the second audition there was much less competition. And then I got the phone call and booked the part.

Details: How was being on a movie set different than being on a photo shoot?
Noah Mills: A photo shoot is a big production, but it doesn't compare to the scale and size of a movie. There are so many departments and just a lot of chaos. When Sarah Jessica Parker or Chris Noth would walk on set, everything would stop for 15 seconds and then it was back to the chaos.

Details: In the movie, you play Samantha's love interest?
Noah Mills: Love is a strong word for their relationship. I'm not so much her boyfriend. It's more of a hook-up.

Details: Samantha is played by Kim Cattrall, who is more than 20 years your elder. In real life would you date a cougar?
Noah Mills: For some reason, the title cougar never sounds that appealing. I'm not a guy on the prowl for cougars, by any means. I have gone on dates with older woman, and it's something I'm open to. Older women can be really attractive—they're more confident and have more experience.

Details: Sex and the City is the ultimate chick flick. Do you think it's something men have any interest in seeing, outside of going to make their girlfriends happy?
Noah Mills: Well, I would definitely never say, "Hey guys lets get together and go see Sex and the City." Honestly though, I saw the series and the first movie and I have to say, it's entertaining—for female and male audiences.

Details: When it comes to the fashion in the movie, it seems the guys get short shrift.
Noah Mills: As a model, I have an appreciation for fashion, but I also understand that the character dictates the costumes. Women can pull off extravagant outfits. With guys it's a lot more difficult and can quickly become a distraction. You don't want to lose the masculinity of the character.

Details: In a couple of hours you'll be at Radio City Music Hall for the world premiere of Sex and the City 2. Who are you bringing and who are you wearing?
Noah Mills: I'm taking my mother and my sister and I have to decide between two Michael Kors suits—either black or gray.

Details: Your mom? Isn't that going to be embarrassing when she sees you getting it on with Samantha?
Noah Mills: Yeah, maybe I should have given a little more thought to my choice of date. But I think it will be fun. She's a big fan of the show and she knows it's just a part.

Details: After Sex, what's next?
Noah Mills: I co-star in an independent film, called Happy New Year. It's about soldiers coming back from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder. It's a very different film.

Details: You're a model living in Manhattan. Has your experience here been more about the city or more about sex?
Noah Mills: Uhmm, I would say both.

Details: Come on, you have to pick one.
Noah Mills: I would have to say it's been more sex.