Details: Where are you right now?
Michael K. Williams: I'm in the barber's chair, getting ready for the premiere [of The Road]. They're gonna trim me up—gotta look sharp.

Details: Tell me about your character in The Road.
Michael K. Williams: I play a thief, and he's pretty much desperate, trying to find food like everybody else. He comes across something he wants—something he sees that he can use—and he takes it. And he pays for it with everything, with his dignity.

Details: You've been pretty tough to get hold of since you've been on set. What are you shooting?
Michael K. Williams: I'm working on a TV show for HBO called Boardwalk Empire. It's based on Atlantic City in the twenties—all those gangsters. I play a character named Chalky White. I don't know much about the story line because they're very tight with it. I haven't actually had a full script yet.

Details: So you're playing a gangster again.
Michael K. Williams: Yeah, but this guy's more a businessman. You don't wanna get on his bad side, but he knows all about money.

Details: One of your strangest roles was in Trapped in the Closet. What was making that like?
Michael K. Williams: That's one of my favorites. It was long hours. We did like 10-to-12-hour days. But we laughed so much on set—the time went by like that. We had to keep doing takes because everything was so funny. After every take, we had to allow for 20 minutes of laughing to calm down and get back to work.

Details: Was R. Kelly like that, too?
Michael K. Williams: Oh, please, he was the main one laughing. He likes to have fun. I like to be around people like that.

Details: You were in Madonna's "Secret" video, and you've toured as a backup dancer with Mya and Missy Elliot. What musical artists are you excited about now?
Michael K. Williams: Crystal Waters is one of my favorite stars. I haven't seen any concerts lately, but the last music video I remember loving was Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams."

Details: Are there any musicians that could lure you back to dancing?

Michael K. Williams: No, there aren't. Maybe one—and that was Michael.

Details: Have you kept in touch with the cast of The Wire?
Michael K. Williams: We keep in contact. Like Sonja Sohn [who played Kima Greggs], actually, has a not-for-profit company called Rewired for Change. I mean, she just really is about the youth right now in Baltimore.

Details: Are you interested in working with David Simon, creator of The Wire, again?
Michael K. Williams: Oh yeah, oh yeah. Whenever David calls me, I'm there. I would definitely, you know, show up to the party.