Q: The promo poster for Caprica—you, naked, holding an apple—is everywhere. What's that like?
A: I'm really excited. I feel like Carrie from Sex and the City. I'm on the side of a bus! I'm also on a hot-dog stand. I was driving by one the other day, and I thought someone had blacked out my eyes. And I was like, "Oh, hell no. I'm gonna freak out." It turned out to be the glare from the sun.

Q: I read on your Twitter page that you were pretty excited to have the ad on the back of the Heidi Montag People cover.
A: My gay best friends are dying. They say plastic surgery on the front and me on the back is heaven.

Q: How many gay best friends do you have?
A: I'm one of the gays. Like the new Liz Taylor. Adam Lambert is one of my best friends. I've known him since he was an understudy in Wicked. Such a doll. And his Details cover was hot!

Q: When you found out you would be playing the first of the Cylons, a race of robots created by humans, what did you think?
A: I remember sitting outside, reading the script and thinking, "Okay, I'm stuck in a robot body? Are you kidding? I have to test for this in two days. What does this even mean? They don't want to hear my voice coming out of a robot!" But they said that's exactly why I got the role: They couldn't have imagined a better voice coming out of a robot.

Q: Your voice is pretty distinctive.
A: My voice is very special. People either love it or they're like, "What's wrong with this girl? She looks 16 and sounds like a hooker!"

Q: Have you met any creepy fanboys yet?
A: This guy at comic con was a total fanatic. He said he heard I was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and said, "That would be so great if you and Buffy had a fight scene together"—as if Buffy was a real person—and then he goes, "Then it would turn into a sensual kiss . . . " And I'm like, "Yeahhhh, that's weird."

Q: You should have kicked his ass.
A: He meant well. I really am a black belt, though. I'd love to do a superhero movie, like a remake of Wonder Woman. I mean, I don't have the boobs. Maybe I'll ask Heidi if I can borrow hers.