Q: In past interviews you've been surprisingly open about your marriage to Téa Leoni.
A: I don't talk about really personal matters. But yeah, I always had the sense that it was a really strong and profound match for me. And I was always very sure of it, as I still am. It always seemed to me that this was something I could talk about because I really thought it was always going to be there. It's 13 years now—it'll be 13 years in May. Whatever happened in the past year—obviously it's profoundly personal, but it's kind of just strengthened us as two people with one another in ways that I never could've imagined. We're really good.

Q: There's that other Nietzsche quote . . ..
A: "We're really good"?

Q: No. "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
A: Yeah. People love that. They say that all the time. I used to say, "Whatever doesn't kill you leaves you susceptible to a secondary infection."

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