Q: Players is kind of your baby—you're writing, producing, starring, and even directing a couple of episodes. Did I miss anything?
A: Catering. I did all the catering. And I do my own makeup.

Q: Your background with Upright Citizens Brigade is improv. How much do you get to do on the show?
A: It's an improv-friendly show. We hammer out outlines like they do on Curb Your Enthusiasm and then improvise the dialogue. Then we have joke sheets the day of shooting that we can refer to. Ian Roberts, another UCB founder, costars, so we know each other's tendencies.

Q: Have you had a tough time getting certain jokes by the network?
A: They've never discouraged the concepts. You can have an old woman in a wheelchair who was the 20,000th person to sleep with Wilt Chamberlain. It's the nitpicky language stuff they don't like. You can't say dick. But you can be as disturbing and dark and pessimistic about the world as you want.

Q: Has anything you've gotten away with surprised you?
A: We wrote a drink special on the board behind the bar called Troll Taint.

Q: Maybe they just don't know what a taint is.
A: That's possible. Or maybe there's no public-action group defending people with taint issues.

Q: You play the new boyfriend of John C. Reilly's ex-wife in the dark comedy Cyrus. What was that like?
A: I'm barely in the movie, but I'm happy to be there. And what's better than hearing "Oh, Catherine Keener is your girlfriend." Really? I guess that makes me attractive by deduction.

Q: Do you ever see your old UCB partner Amy Poehler?
A: She'll come to the UCB theater in L.A. once in a while to do some shows. We're actually in a movie together called Wild Girls Gone coming out on iTunes on March 8, about two broke guys who decide to make their own Girls Gone Wild video. I play the sheriff, and Amy plays my wife, the former Ass Queen of Spring Break.

Q: Your IMDb page says you might also be playing Adolf Hitler Jr.
A: Oh, my God. Matt Besser [of UCB] made this insane musical called Freak Dance, and he asked me if I wanted to play a role. Basically, there's a strip club where the most horrible people in the world hang out. It's like real-estate lawyers and Adolf Hitler Jr. I have a little mustache. Boy, I don't want to offend any of my Jewish fans.

Q: I'm sure they'll forgive you.
A: I'm the epitome of a horrible person. I mean, my character is.

Players premieres Tuesday, March 2, on Spike TV.