Q: Brandon Lang Bets the World premieres on the Travel Channel on February 18. How do you sell a travel show about a professional sports handicapper?
A: I said, "Listen, just give me some cameras, drop me off somewhere in the world, give me some money to bet, and I'll take you on a journey. If it's a fruit-basket race in Indonesia, let's go. If it's a wiener-dog race in Long Beach, let's go. I'll figure out which dachshund's going to run the fastest."

Q: You've successfully predicted the last 17 Super Bowls. What's going to happen on Sunday?
A: I have a pretty good idea. I feel this game will be tight. Deep down, I do feel that the Saints can't win this game. They have no shot of winning.

Q: Did you just give me some free advice?
A: No, because that doesn't do you any good. You need to know if they're going to cover the spread. I say Indy's going to win, and that's fine, but how much are they going to win by? That's why people pay for the services on my website.

Q: Which way are you leaning? Just a hint.
A: I'm going for 18 in a row! I would never pull the trigger this early. The amount of money that's going to be put on this selection—if I'm wrong, it'll be like Armageddon meeting the Titanic. Do you want to be a part of that?

Q: Sounds like a lot of pressure. Where will you watch the game?
A: I won't. I'll be in a movie theater. I always go to two movies, and hopefully I have enough popcorn to get me through both.

Q: You used to caddie. Any good Tiger Woods stories?
A: I spent 18 holes with Tiger Woods at the Nissan Open in 1999. I was caddying for a good friend, and we were paired with Tiger on the final day. That's when I knew he was a freak.

Q: How could you tell?
A: Just walking down the fairway, talking . . . you could just see it. And listen, I ran into Tiger before—in 1997, when he was 21 years old—at the at the Club Paradise Gentlemen's Club. There's Tiger—two blondes on his lap, a bottle of Champagne. You have one of two looks when you're at a strip club for the first time: "I gotta get out of here" or "This is nirvana. I'm here." Tiger had that look. He came out of the box swinging with stripper, and he never looked back. When you've been a nerd your whole life, it's going to get out of control.

Q: When the scandal broke, did you predict the number of women who would come forward?
A: I set the number at 15. Swear to God. And we're right at 15.