Details: What are you up to today?
Olivia Munn: I'm working on a new PETA campaign to save the elephants, so I'm looking at pictures from the shoot. It's disgusting what they do to elephants—beat them and shock them just to make them fucking dance on a ball. I have a special affinity for them. In Chinese culture they're good luck. We did this whole shoot with tank tops and stuff, but then we did one photo with simulated nudity, and that's the one we're using. I'm in my natural state; we want them in their natural state—it ties in.

Details: I read on your website that you want to start a blog called E-mails From My Asian Mom. Give us an example.
Olivia Munn: I'll read you one: "Hey-my-garden-so-nice-it-like-you-so-much-hopefully-it-will-finish-very-soon-come-see-love-mom." She writes with an accent! In one long run-on sentence.

Details: At least she's tech-savvy.
Olivia Munn: I actually Twittered once to her: "Hey Mom, please stop reading my Twitters. Its for everyone in the world EXCEPT for you... Its weird. Just call instead. Love, Ur daugther." The worst is I think she's learned Google Alerts. So now she's like, "Hey, you still date him? I like him. You let me know. I won't tell anyone."

Details: She's not the only one interested in your dating life.
Olivia Munn: Yeah. And I completely understand that. But hearing people talk about my life gives me a lot of anxiety. I haven't technically been online since November. I didn't know what happened in Haiti for three days. I didn't know Ricky Martin was gay until someone told me.

Details: You didn't know that?
Olivia Munn: Well, I knew. I didn't know that now his mother knows.

Details: You have 55,000 Facebook fans. Do they miss you when you don't check in?
Olivia Munn: I'm in a good place with my fans. The last time I visited my fan club in Austin, we all played red rover.

Details: That sounds like a bad idea. Someone's going to cop a feel.
Olivia Munn: Yeah, but you know, if they're going to come out and take a day off work to meet me in the middle of a park and they can manage a boob brush, I say, "Good for you, my friend."

Details: What inspired that type of fan appreciation?
Olivia Munn: When I was 11, I was obsessed with Luke Perry. Died for Luke Perry! One day I wrote him a long letter telling him how much I loved him. And I waited and waited for a response. And I got one! But it was, like, a computer-printed letter, and on the bottom it was signed, but it didn't look like he had signed it with a pen. It was just printed. I ripped it up and threw it away. So now I sign every piece of fan mail. Because I will not be a Luke Perry! I promise you that. If there is one legacy I leave behind it will be that I was not Luke Perry.

Details: You have a small part in Date Night. How was working with Steve Carell and Tina Fey?
Olivia Munn: I literally would have done catering on that movie. "You want some Hamburger Helper, Steve? Can I call you Steve?" I just kept thinking, "Tina is going to be your best friend one day. Just play it cool." I can just picture us sitting in a cabin somewhere, braiding our hair and painting our feelings.

Details: Your role in Iron Man 2 was cut, but you were reinstated in a different part. What happened?
Olivia Munn: Jon [Favreau] called me and said, "I have good news and bad news. Bad news is it's just not working out. Good news is that Marvel loves you and we want to bring you back into the movie." So we thought of some stuff we could do in a short time span. Also, I did all the stunt work for Robert Downey Jr., so anytime you see Iron Man in the suit—that's me!

Details: You also have a book coming out in July called Suck It Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. What can we expect?
Olivia Munn: It's a David Sedaris-type book. A collection of funny stories from my life.

Details: Give us one.
Olivia Munn: I tell a story about my first boyfriend. I was in the eighth grade. My family moved around a lot, and girls were always mean to me, so I thought if I had a boyfriend, everyone would leave me alone. But in the first class of the following semester, my new boyfriend starts barking like a dog. I'm like, "What are you doing!? This is not the plan!" Everyone is staring. And he says to me, "Um, I have Tourette's." So I was the girl who had the boyfriend who barked like a dog.

Details: Sounds like a good book.
Olivia Munn: And when you flip through the pages, on the bottom there's a little dancing flip book of me. It's awesome.