Fashion Addiction
"I'm a huge sneakerhead. So any city I go to, I figure out where the shoes are. I was in Dublin, and I went to the Foot Locker and they had these fresh Adidas that were only made for the Dublin Foot Locker. I was like, 'If I go to any other Foot Locker in the country I won't get these?' 'No.' So that's me, man. I check out the hot local sneaks."

Post-Racial Character
"I'm still flabbergasted by some people's reaction to me playing Heimdall in Thor. I never once considered that it would be offensive to people. And part of that, honestly, is ignorance of how some people just haven't moved on. I'm just ignorant of that ignorance. I grew up in East London, where racism is so old-school. It's still there—I'm not naive enough to say it doesn't exist, but it's like, who gives a fuck? So when I take a part like that I don't even think about 'color-blind casting.' But now I'm just fucking ueber-excited for people to see the film. Thor's a great film. It's huge—and I am on the poster."

After-Hours Scene
"Downtown L.A. is my favorite town. It reminds me a little bit of New York, a little bit of London, and a little bit of Tokyo. Then you've got some proper underground bars and DJs. People think that L.A. stops at two o'clock. Well, not downtown."

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