Best Song to Get Down To
"That would be 'Do I Move You' by Nina Simone. Nina obviously has some sex appeal going on in that song. She's the most-played artist on my iPod. Not that I'm wearing my iPod during sex."

Shopping Obsession
"I'm a collector of vintage guitars, and there's this site, Gbase, where people will post guitars they've got for sale. I recently bought a 1962 Sonic Blue Fender Jaguar from a rare-guitar dealer, and it's fantastic. A rare color and it plays beautifully."

Last Thing I YouTubed
"Piper Perabo is a great friend of mine, and she recently told me about this guy on YouTube who makes these incredible rap beats with his mouth while playing the cello. You should YouTube the 'KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience.' Amazing."

Fashion Essential
"Anything from my collection of Fiorentini + Baker boots. I've got four pairs now. One is a black-leather motorcycle boot, and the others are lower lace-up suede."

Artists Whose Work I'd Like to Own
"John Olsen, Paul Klee, and Dr. Seuss. They all use bright colors and have kind of a naive quality about them. I have a few Dr. Seuss prints and a painting of an early version of the Cat in the Hat. You can see the progression—the character changed a bit in the book."

Style Icon
"Nick Cave. I love the fact that he's always so immaculately dressed. I did finally see Nick in a pair of shorts. We were in the desert on the set of The Proposition—which Cave wrote—and it was about a million degrees. I guess he couldn't bear it, though he was still wearing a white button-up shirt. And he was back to wearing his three-piece suit on the set of The Wettest County in the World—his next film. There's something supremely cool about him. You can't picture him in a tracksuit."