DETAILS: You've been married to your wife Ryan for three years now. What does she do?
Ethan Hawke: She was working at the Doe Fund, a men's shelter, helping people prepare for job interviews and things like that. Right now she has a newborn and a 3-year-old and she's trying to figure out when she wants to go back to work. And she's been helping me with my work, too, reading scripts.

DETAILS: Why did you choose to write both of your novels on a typewriter?
Ethan Hawke: I love things that are physical. I don't like porn, I like naked girls. I like talking with people, I wouldn't know how to date online. I love theater, the immediacy of it. Every time I see some kid on the subway watching The Godfather on his iPod, I think, "Fuck it, I want to do a play."

DETAILS: You've played a lot of pompous, self-absorbed jerks, including a tantrum-prone writer in the upcoming thriller The Woman in the Fifth. Do you need to find something you like in these guys to play them well?
Ethan Hawke: No. My character in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead? Talk about spineless! I wanted to kill him. A person with a problem becomes vastly more exciting to inhabit, because you don't know what they're going to do. Over the years, every now and then, I'd play a good guy, and I'd just be miserable.

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