DETAILS: You're known to ask your Twitter followers for recommendations on things like a good handyman. Do you ignore the ideas the Harold & Kumar fans submit?
Neil Patrick Harris: Unless I'm tweeting for a dime bag. That's pot, right? I don't want to make an inadvertent cocaine joke.

DETAILS: Speaking of cocaine, you would have been a great addition to the Charlie Sheen roast that Comedy Central hosted recently. Do you know Charlie at all?
Neil Patrick Harris: Just through CBS, some hey-buddy-good-to-see-you dinner parties. Once I was at the Playboy Mansion about 10 years ago, in a previous chapter when he wasn't doing so good. I was waiting outside the bathroom in Hef's office and the door opens and out comes Charlie Sheen looking gaunt and pale as a ghost, wearing a fedora and an oversized jacket which made him look even thinner, and, like, four chicks. All piling out of the bathroom. He was like, "Hey buddy . . ."

DETAILS: Is there anything you haven't done yet that you'd like to explore?
Neil Patrick Harris: I'd like to direct more theater and direct a feature film. Or puppets. I want to do something with puppets.

DETAILS: Well, you are in the new Muppets movie.
Neil Patrick Harris: Yes. I deeply thank Jason Segel for that opportunity. The only fan letter I ever sent as a kid was to Jim Henson. I thought I was the biggest Muppets fan until I met Jason Segel.

DETAILS: There needs to be a Neil Patrick Harris variety show with Muppets and magic.
Neil Patrick Harris: I just got a boner.

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