DETAILS: I didn't see Confidence.
Ed Burns: Nobody did. You know, I have a very weird acting career. It's always something I sandwich in between my [writing-directing] projects: What's shooting in the next six months so I can make a little change and pay my bills? I'm a realist. I have a very limited range as an actor. And I'm a realist about what Hollywood is looking for me to do.

DETAILS: There's this sweet romantic quality that runs through your films. Then I think of Denis Leary, who has a similar background—East Coast, Irish-American, working class—but he's coming from this place of male rage, which he does pretty brilliantly. Did you ever wonder why you went in the direction you did?
Ed Burns: Uh, no. The neighborhood I grew up in, all big Irish and Italian families, had kids on both ends of the spectrum. The lovers and the fighters, I guess.

DETAILS: You weren't one of the kids who drank too much and bashed someone's face in?
Ed Burns: I drank too much. But I was never looking to bash anybody's face in.

DETAILS: You were looking to get laid.
Ed Burns: Exactly.

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