AGE: 23

YOU'VE SEEN HIM … As Raúl Esparza's mentally unstable son in Wes Craven's My Soul to Take; as a (lucky?) pawn in Amanda Seyfried's sex games in Chloe.

UP NEXT: Playing the sole survivor of a family murder in House at the End of the Street, opposite Jennifer Lawrence; Nick Cassavetes' Yellow.

ABOUT THAT NAME: "Sometimes I drop the first 'I' and it's 'The Riot.' Pretty much, you can make up whatever you want. That's the beauty of having a French last name when you don't speak French."

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: "A lot of movies, you know what's going to happen. Like romantic comedies: 'Oh, they're gonna get into the fight, then he's gonna leave … cue sad music.' I'd be that guy—kissing in the rain—just as long as I'm Ryan Gosling in The Notebook and Nick Cassavetes is directing."

Next stars: Miles Teller, Diego Boneta, and Tom Payne.