Secret to Staying Fresh-Faced
"Kiehl's always makes good stuff, and I like their Facial Fuel because it's simple and clean. Plus it's got a little tingle to it, so you feel like it's doing something."

Indulgence Every Man Should Try
"Going to an actual barbershop—the whole hot-towel, old-school experience. You sit there and get your hands massaged while getting a shave? Nothing wrong with that."

Sportsman's Necessity
"The only thing I get kind of anal about is sunblock when I'm playing golf—at least SPF 30. There's no one brand I'm partial to, just anything that doesn't have a gang of chemicals in it."

Pet Peeve
"I don't like when I see guys do too much hair gel. I don't mean Pauly D—because that's basically performance art. But when you use enough hair gel that your hair becomes a sculpture—and you wanted it to look that way? It's just weird."

Beard Strategy
"The one trick that works for me is to keep the mustache above the lip trimmed neater, so I really don't have to worry about the rest of it. That changes everything."

Favorite Look
"A shaved head. It's scary the first time you do it, because you don't know what's under there—you could have some weird knot—but a shaved head is just so easy."

Perils of Pack Dressing
"There were many moments in my teenage years where I succumbed to, um, the weirdness of the group I was in. And in trying to conform—we're marionettes!— I ended up looking like a moron."

Desert-Island Essentials
"Just an electric toothbrush and some floss. I broke out my Sonicare two years ago, and my dentist is way more complimentary now. And some Crest Glide floss, with the Scope mint. You gotta clean your gums, man. Talking about it makes me want to floss right now."

The Fragrance
"Sport mixes in a little more citrus, mint, and ginger than the original Play. I feel like Play's a nighttime thing, and Sport I'll wear 24 hours a day."

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