The Next Big Thing
Rebel Wilson, Australia's most exciting export, isn't just a scene-stealer—she's a new breed of comedy star.

Forced to handle expectations of nonconformism and general sticking-it-to-the-Man-ness since birth, Rebel Wilson has more than lived up to her (very real) name. A standout amid Bridesmaids' swollen cast of scenery-chewing stars, the titular straight gal in Bachelorette, and the biggest, bawdiest, best thing in Pitch Perfect, Wilson, with at least five more movies under her belt in the two years since she moved to Los Angeles from her native Sydney, has, it's fair to say, indelibly changed the definition of the Hollywood leading lady. Not that she's fazed by that. "America's a bigger market and more competitive, but I had the confidence of having written and/or starred in, like, 13 different shows in Australia," she says. And she's back in multi-hyphenate mode, retooling her own sitcom, Super Fun Night, for ABC. Helping her navigate the recent deluge of opportunities—as well as helping assess the comfort level of general audiences—is her Bridesmaids roommate turned actual roommate, comedian Matt Lucas of Little Britain. "He comes in handy," Wilson says. "When I wanted to pull this stunt at the VMAs wearing a bikini with pubic hair sticking out, I tried the idea out on him first."

Credit check: Writer-creator-actor, Super Fun Night
The Apa-Tao: "I've always had a very American sense of humor—Judd Apatow movies, improvisational style. I thought I could do a female version of that."
Robe by Brooks Brothers. Underwear by Bread & Boxers.

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