The Idea Man
With his full-time gig at The Office about to end, John Krasinski started brainstorming—and didn't stop pitching until he landed a new dream job.

For a guy who's spent nine seasons as the face of professional inertia, John Krasinski is racing into his imminent post–Dunder Mifflin future with remarkable abandon. Not only did he conceive (with Dave Eggers) and cowrite (with Matt Damon) and costar in (with Damon and Rosemarie DeWitt) Promised Land, December's sure-to-polarize fracking-related film directed by Gus Van Sant, Krasinski also embraced the uncertainty of the moment. "The safety net is definitely gone—I'm at this precipice," he says of his current status. "And this sounds like such a clichéd high-school-guidance-counselor thing to say, but Promised Land is me finally saying who I am and what I want to do. Which is cool, but also terrifying—if you get hit, it's gonna hurt." Not that he's cowering—Krasinski's also producing an HBO mini-series with Aaron Sorkin about the Chateau Marmont, which will get rolling sometime after the Scranton branch closes for good in the spring. And the end of his career-making role couldn't come at a better time. "This industry is an imperial society," he says. "It's grown so big and high that it's all gonna collapse and the people who did the slow-and-steady thing rather than the $200 million movies will be the ones left standing. That's extremely exciting."

Credit check: Cowriter-actor, Promised Land
New frack city: "My idea was that I just wanted to make a movie about American identity and not overtly about natural gas—that's just a backdrop that would allow us to explore where we're headed."
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