DETAILS: You quit smoking at New Year's. How is that going?
Will Arnett: It's been brutally hard. That's my one true love affair—cigarettes. The day they tell me they a) cured cancer or b) figured out a way cigarettes won't kill you . . . I'll have one between every finger. If they could figure out a way I could sleep and smoke at the same time, I'd do it.

DETAILS: You and Amy Poehler have two sons together. Do you worry your kids won't be funny?
Will Arnett: Not at all. It couldn't be further from my mind.

DETAILS: Really?
Will Arnett: I think any parent is happy when their kid makes a funny joke. But I never think about it that way. I don't want them to feel obligated.

DETAILS: You and Poehler separated last year, and now you're in great shape. Jimmy Kimmel showed a photo of your abs on-air, and you joked that you were having a midlife crisis. Was that kidding around or a confession?
Will Arnett: It was probably somewhere in between. If going to the gym obsessively for eight, nine months was my way of dealing, then let that be my worst problem. Life is challenging, and I'd say that there's no guidebook—but there's about a million guidebooks out there. [Laughs] All people have been doing since the dawn of time is trying to figure out how to live this life and be happy. I'm no different. I'm 43, and I've found my happiness—which is my kids.

DETAILS: You're twice divorced. Do you still believe in the institution of marriage?
Will Arnett: Certainly. I do. I do.

DETAILS: How has the dating game changed since you were last out there?
Will Arnett: Well, I'm not officially dating.

DETAILS: Are you afraid to get back out there?
Will Arnett: Yeah, I don't know what you do. Do you put out an announcement in the trades? I'M DATING! It all seems very scary to me, to be honest. So I'm kind of keeping pretty close counsel right now. Until I . . . yeah.

• • •

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