DETAILS: You star opposite your dad in the sci-fi thriller After Earth. What are the pros and cons of working with him?
Jaden Smith: The question I would ask is, "What are the pros and cons of not working with my dad?" Because I've worked with my dad on every single movie, whether he's in it or not. He's always there with me, telling me what I should and shouldn't do. So I can't answer that question until I haven't worked with him. But I like working with him!

DETAILS: You've said that you agree with your parents that you're too young for a girlfriend, but you've been photographed with girls like Kylie Jenner. Have you changed your mind?
Jaden Smith: Having girlfriends is . . . I can't do it. It doesn't mean I don't hang out with girls. It just means that I don't like being in a relationship, because it makes things very complicated. The one piece of advice that I listen to adults on—because I don't listen to adults when it comes to most things—is that I'm too young to have a girlfriend.

DETAILS: Does your dad chaperone you when you go out?
Jaden Smith: Not at all. He'll be in Rio with Kanye and Kim or something like that. He's all about trying to get life experiences. That's why he always takes me with him to random places.

DETAILS: What's it like to spend your teen years in the spotlight?
Jaden Smith: I have pictures of me on the red carpet since before I could talk, so I'm used to it. But if it just happened to me one day, like it happened to Justin [Bieber], then I would say, "Yeah, this is really trippy."

DETAILS: What would you tell someone new to being a celebrity?
Jaden Smith: Be careful with how you make the world perceive you, because they'll perceive you like that for the rest of your life.

DETAILS: Besides starring in a summer blockbuster, you put out a mixtape last year, and you're designing the clothing line MSFTS. Do you ever feel overworked?
Jaden Smith: No. If I ever don't want to do anything, I just don't do anything. That'll last for, like, 24 hours, and then I'll get back to being a real man in the morning.

DETAILS: If you had to choose between acting and music, which would it be?
Jaden Smith: I don't know. I've only been on this earth for 14 years. I'd have to be here a little longer.

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