DETAILS: Your next stand-up special premieres on Netflix in November. What titles show up in your Netflix recommendations section?
Aziz Ansari: Different seasons of Parks and Recreation and Aziz Ansari stand-up specials. It's like, "Wait, Netflix, are you just seeing my name and Googling what shows I'm on?"

DETAILS: You have a bit on tour where you ask married couples in the audience how they proposed. What have you learned?
Aziz Ansari: I thought 70 percent of the time there'd be some sort of romantic gesture. One guy said he dressed a bunch of puppies in shirts with letters that spelled out WILL YOU MARRY ME? But no, 70 percent of it is "We were at my house, we'd just finished dinner, and I was like, 'Do you want to get married?'" I don't know if it comes off, but I'm kind of a romantic. If I propose, it would be more than just "So . . . wanna get married?"

DETAILS: But you rail a lot about your friends having babies. Why?
Aziz Ansari: What ultimately scares me is that I'm just not ready yet, and it's strange that other people are. I'm from South Carolina, and everyone there has slowed down, but I feel like it's hard to juggle all the things I have in my life now—I couldn't imagine throwing a kid in the mix.

DETAILS: Parks and Rec always rolls out great guest stars. Who's next?
Aziz Ansari: We just filmed some stuff with Henry Winkler. There are a couple people in the comedy world who are legendarily nice, and he's one of them. Will Ferrell is another one. I was just saying with my friends, "What is it that's keeping me out of that conversation? What is that level of niceness I'm not reaching?" Because I feel like I've been pretty nice, but I don't think you'd be like, "I interviewed Aziz, and he was Winkler-level nice."

DETAILS: Actually, I told a friend I'd be interviewing you, and he said—
Aziz Ansari: "I've heard that guy's a dick!"

• • •

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