It's been the year of the butterfly. Or the butterfly effect, the tenet
of chaos theory by which a minor event can trigger a radical transformation. In Hollywood, such fluttering agents of change abound. With every original episode streamed, Netflix is upending the rules of TV programming and how we watch it. But it is far from the only example of If You Break It, They Will Come. The entertainment industry is entering a golden age of status quo–sinking, from money guys eschewing big paydays to fund cinematic gems to documentarians going digital and disrupting convention to funnymen tweeting their way into brands to frustrated actors developing their own Oscar-rocking content. One thing about chaos: It's never static, and right now these bold innovators are taking wing and moving Hollywood in audacious and liberating directions.


The Transformer: Christian Bale

The New Kings of Doc

The Antiestablishment Exec

The Dynamic Duos

The Soundtrack Wizard

The Netflix Natives

The Cutting-Edge Comedians

The Character Actresses

The Crowdsourcer

The Creative Capitalists

The Prestige Producer

The Rookie Filmmakers

The Indie Auteur
The Documentarian's Documentary
Cinematographers Get Ready for Their Close-Ups
Vin Diesel Power
Lego Is Putting the Block in Blockbuster
Piracy Pays Off
Defining Art • Sploi • Ta • Tion
2012 Hollywood Mavericks